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TC78H670FTG TOSHIBA three-axis stepper motor drive

TC78H670FTG TOSHIBA three-axis stepper motor drive

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TC78H670FTG TOSHIBA three-axis stepper motor drive

A three-axis stepper motor drive scheme based on TC78H670FTG


This scheme is based on the three-axis stepper motor drive board designed with the model TC78H670FTG motor drive IC.  It can realize clock input and serial control, and the subdivision can reach up to 1/128 steps. 

    It has three bipolar stepper motor drivers running 12V voltage at the same time, which is suitable for various small automation equipment and instruments.

Features: The subdivision adjustment settings have two modes: variable mode and fixed mode, which are set by the input state of the mode M0-M3 after releasing the standby mode. Variable mode: Variable mode can start the full-step resolution and change the step resolution to run on the motor. Fixed mode: Fixed mode can start and the mode user select and continue to run on the motor. 

Application field

Educational materials,

 holding devices, 

plotters, and sorters. 

Main parameters: 

L Built-in double H bridge, which can control 3 bipolar stepper motors L 

Working voltage of power supply: 2.5V to 16.0V L

 Output current rating: 2.0A (maximum) 

L Low on-resistance (high + low side = 0.48Ω (type.))

 MOSFET output stage L Allow complete, half, quarter, 1/8, 1/16, 1/32, 1/64, 1/128 steps operation L 

Built-in induction resistance small current control architecture (advanced current detection system) 

L Multiple error detection functions (thermal shutdown (TSD), overcurrent (ISD), motor load opening (OPD) and undervoltage locking (UVLO)) 

L Error detection (TSD/ISD/OPD) flag output function

 L Built-in VCC regulator for internal circuit

 L The chopper frequency of the motor can be adjusted by external resistance. 

Part of the waveform: